A radio show theater

Two actresses and a musician will tell a story live on the radio:

An appointment through a mobile app in a bar in the neighborhood of Sants. Two girls, as you know and talk, they discover they have more in common than expected.

Reflect on the right to housing and the role of civil servants.

Text: Oriol Morales

Director: Dani Serra

Duration: 65 min

A show designed to be broadcast live on local radio during the performance.

Launch is the staging of a text intended to be broadcast live on the radio links, for a few hours, a local radio in the room or space where the play is offering thus a new experience for viewers and alternative programming and ficcióper radio and its listeners.

The interaction of theater and radio to retrieve reinvent the genre of novel radio. In addition, being a show created specifically for the sense of hearing, facilitates understanding to those with visual impairments.

So, with a scene that explores and interacts with the radio language, Launch raises the issue of housing and the role of civil servants. In addition, the dramaturgy of the work proposed to include LGBTI people + as the unifying argument to raise awareness and normalize gender.

The scourge. The worst of ourselves. What we allow daily. Bad closer and more continuous.
The guilt of the victim as exponent

Llançament is an example of how social criticism will move to a totally different context stripping the text of any specific reference and keeping them will only ideological and pollution.






I just do my job”



















Oriol Morales


Dani Serra


Rebecca Alabert, Laura Porta, Guillem Riera

Sound Space:

La Llarga

Executive Producer:

Marià Llop

Musical arrangements:

Guillem Riera

Changing room:

La Llarga


Txema Alabert


Juli Sanjuan


Monica Quintana


Montse Planas

Graphic design:

Moonland Studio