Welcome to the website of the company's Long theatrical creation empordanesa.

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Here you will find information about our shows and our news. You can xefardejar in our creative process and see who we are and what we do because we love our work

We like to highlight that the summer of 2019 La Llarga premiered Bruels . A co-production with El Festival Grec de Barcelona. Adrià Gual Award 2018

In the long run we do theater text and their own creation. We talked about things now and that worries us. Always critically. With the focus always put in Emporda either from the subject and in the team.

Now we should be touring with Bruels

But because of the Covid-19 we will not be able to visit you

We hope to return soon

We want to meet you!

Passion for what we do

El teatre ens ha acompanyat sempre i no ens hem plantejat mai cap altre opció, creiem en el que fem i sabem que la passió mou muntanyes. Creem els nostres espectacles des d'alló que ens mou i ens emociona.

D'on venim i cap on anem?

L'Empordà és el nostre bressol. Ha estat per nosaltres font d'inspiració i evolució. Creiem en la creació des de l'Empordà i per més que molts de nosaltres anem a buscar fortuna a la gran ciutat sempre tornem a casa quan ens trobem perduts. A La Llarga creiem en el poder de comarques.

The audience and tell stories.

We like to tell stories and tell them we need someone who will listen to us. Direct questioning and relationship with the audience is what defines us and why we must not forget in any of our shows.