Premiere of Brüel & Critics

Premiere of Brüel & Critics

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We are very happy because we have had and played three gigs estupendus Free Theater.

As you know we won the Adrià Gual 2018 (Here they explained) And the Greek festival we accepted in the program of 2019. So the 26th, 27th and 28th of July we went to our beloved Free Theater “Bruels”

We would like to thank the entire team of the Greek festival that has given us a lot of things and has treated us fantastically. Also especially the entire team of employees of the theater that has helped so free and so work and are great professionals. Many thanks to all those people who love their work and it makes working a pleasure.

Furthermore we are very happy because we had a very good reception among the public. And all sorts of criticism. We hang on a few.

A picture so clean as their shadows are terrible
Jordi Bordes

It is a journey very honest, clean, neat. That leaves the riddle posed to make the viewer what solves the longer the domain or frighten him.

Silence stories uncovered
Ten per Elisa

Bruels It is a sincere, courageous assembly, a very good presentation a more open circuit shows that Llarga is a company well to consider in the coming seasons.

Mud memory
 Ana Prieto Nadal

The Long Theater offers text to create its own or accompanied valiantly resisted, underline or contradicted by a parallel story made objects manipulated in situ on a small scale. The proposal is suggested in honest gesture and words -the mud imaginació-, glow and themed especially when young people are venturing into a chaotic enumeration of local realities and words that are at risk of sinking completely in the wetlands of forgetfulness.

We recall that in November we will be at the Sala Beckett. You can now buy your tickets!

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