What is La Llarga?

we do text theater and our own creation. We talked about things now. What worries us, always critical.

Our shows have always had in common as direct appeals to the public. We close with the audience and we like to involve them directly.

Personal performances are linked to present and tell stories in one way or another have to do with us and the Emporda.

Values ​​such as friendship, Creation, Passion, Personality, Intimacy are what define us.

What do we want?

Decentralize the creation and theatrical production in Barcelona. Desprecarització and fight for the professionalization of the independent companies.

Make a decent job with the resources that we have.

And especially: enjoy working.

La Llarga és una companyia empordanesa, per coses de la vida, neix el 2014 a Mallorca de la mà de Rebecca Alabert. El 2016 La Llarga es trasllada a Catalunya i la companyia creix incorporant nous professionals de diferents àmbits de les arts escèniques. Oriol Morales, Marià Llop, Dani Serra, Ona Benït, Laura Porta entre d’altres… Why the long format has evolved.

The desire to do theater all members have helped fight the economic and political situation of the moment and the way we have sought to produce our shows with the resources that we have prepared.

The creation of his own company allows us to experiment with languages ​​as diverse as nice, the radio theater or just the fact of storytelling.

Actualment La Llarga la formen oficialment Rebecca Alabert, Marià Llop i Dani Serra però treballem en col·laboracio contínua amb altres professionals.

The company strarts in 2015 in Mallorca Dali has Died de Rebecca Alabert amb Joana Mª Peralta i assessorament del director mallorquí Pere Fullana. Aques espectacle va ser escollit per participar en l’esdeveniment Trasatlàntico 2017 with which he toured Argentina and Uruguay.

2016 The Long involved in the Exhibition of Emerging Artists Emporda Women with short piece that was feeding the pigeons (from Marian Wolf) with which he toured the province of Girona.

In 2017 the company presents his third show Llançament written and directed by Dani Morales Oriol Serra. Show AADPC selected for a residency at the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory. Premiered at the Sala La Planeta Girona on 12 April 2018. Show Winner Awards Mostra'T de la Sala Sandaru 2018.

El 2018 La Llarga guanya el Adrià Gual Award de l’Institut del Teatre que juntament amb la coproducció del Grec permet que la companyia estreni el seu nou espectacle Bruels in July 2019 in Free Space as part of the Grec Festival of Barcelona.

Llançament premi Mostra’T de la Sala Sandaru i Bruels Adrià Gual Award of the Theater Institute

As a company we offer services and entertainment shows for municipalities. An example of this is the CdR of Man's Nose (2017) o el contacontes La història del tiò (2018) La Festa del Segle (2019)

As a company our interests go beyond the mere display of the shows we create. We are interested in training and dissemination of the performing arts.

That's why The Long drove 2016 book club Read theater for young people organized by the TNC and the Library of Catalonia in Figueres.

El 2018 i 2019 també hem participat en la formació dels alumnes de segon de batxillerat d’Arts Escèniques de l’Institut Deulofeu de Figueres ajudant a construir les escenes que havien de presentar per final de curs en l’espectacle Ariadne's Thread

One of our goals is to create a team of mostly artists were born in l'Empordà and enhance the professionalism of local talent.

Team Release
Equip de Llançament: Juli Sanjuan, Guillem Riera, Laura Porta, Dani Serra, Rebecca Alabert, Marià Llop, Oriol Morales